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About The Williams Company: We build new or extensively renovate your current house, our story and team bios.
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About The Williams Company

We Build Extraordinary Custom Homes and Expansive Remodels

Building extraordinary custom homes and expansive remodels in the greater Seattle area for over 30 years – The Williams Company (TWC) makes your ideal home a reality. We know the region inside and out, the local issues for construction, key vendors and most importantly, how to get your family from start to finish on a beautiful home project. Whether The Williams Company builds new or extensively renovates your current house, we always focus on quality materials and detailed finishes done in the most efficient way.

Here at The Williams Company we pride ourselves on a personalized approach and we work with clients at every step in an honest and transparent manner. Our conscientious team ensures a successful project by delivering exceptional craftsmanship and communicating closely with you, designers, architects, subcontractors and others as the work progresses. We’ll review building or purchase options, market trends and areas of growth and advise on all your real estate-related issues before you make a final decision.

The Williams Company wants every client to feel the joy that comes from living in their ideal home that reflects their style and satisfies their own day-to-day needs for comfort, function and beauty.

Team Bios

Steve Williams

Steve Williams


Monica Williams


Jordan Entler

jeff pic

Jeff Klein

Project Manager

As a young boy working at his parents’ lumber and hardware business, Steve learned the values he still lives and works by today – quality, integrity and family.


Founder and owner of TWC, Steve has worked hard over the decades as a trusted luxury builder in the Greater Seattle area and grown a multi-million dollar business. Whether new custom homes, speculative projects, or expansive residential remodels, his diverse building background in single and multi-family residences is unrivaled in the region. As an experienced general contractor and business owner, Steve focuses on quality craftsmanship, fine details and materials, and transparent business practices.


Steve’s seasoned team works together at TWC to bring knowledge, integrity and commitment to every project. They promise not only to build luxurious custom home but also a lasting relationship clients can depend on today and in the future.


Underneath his lighthearted demeanor, Steve takes his job seriously and highly regards the meaning in being chosen as someone’s homebuilder. Just as TWC handles every detail of the construction, Steve will also work to earn the client’s trust, give advice and guidance as needed, and communicate during every step of the building process.


When not working, Steve likes to go fishing and hunting in the Pacific Northwest, is an avid golfer, and always enjoys time with his family at home and in the outdoors.

Married to Steve for 31 years, Monica has been at his side since his very first construction business in 1985. A seasoned administrator, she manages the accounting and human resources for TWC and her involvement has been a key factor behind our long-term success and stability.


Monica believes that the best part of TWC is the relationships that we form and maintain, both within TWC and between TWC and the clients. This is borne out by the longevity of our employees’ time at TWC and the number of satisfied clients we have for all their major residential projects, for life. Monica is proud of our company’s honesty, integrity, transparency, and quality of work. Her favorite part of the job is seeing the vision, process, and ultimate realization of a complicated project move from a blank page to a satisfying finish for everyone.


In her spare time, Monica enjoys cooking, golfing and being active. She and Steve have 3 wonderful children who they enjoy connecting and spending time with whenever they can.

Jordan started working for TWC in 2005 as a general laborer and worked his way up from apprentice carpenter to lead carpenter to his current position of job superintendent. He and his extended family have lived in the Seattle area since childhood, and Jordan truly believes that he lives in America’s most beautiful city.


Jordan thinks that TWC’s biggest strengths are our customer service, our devotion to our clients, and how much we all enjoy taking their dreams and making them a reality. He really appreciates the way the TWC team supports each other and treats everyone like family. His favorite part of the job is doing something new every day and seeing a project start from nothing and become a masterpiece by the time we walk away.


Jordan wants to be known as a hard-working, generous and courteous man who enjoys his family and excels at his job. He is married to his wonderful wife Brittany who is his best friend and true love. Outside of work, Jordan enjoys camping, hiking, rooting for the Seahawks, and spending time with family and friends.

Jeff recently moved to Seattle from Huntington Beach, California to be closer to family. His wife grew up in the Pacific Northwest and always wanted to come back, so they decided to make the move to Seattle. Jeff started his career in construction in 2001 as a plumber and pipe fitter, and went on to move into a career in construction management. He has built many types of projects: from luxury homes, to condos, to full ground-up complex custom homes. His passion for building goes back to his childhood.


From Jeff’s first day at The Williams Company, he knew that he had landed in a work family that was like home. He soon learned that our atmosphere and culture extends to not just the clients, but to everyone who interacts with The Williams Company.


Jeff enjoys painting, woodworking, music, the outdoors, and most importantly spending time with his beautiful wife and 3 daughters and son.


Paul Reeves

Business Development

Sam Williams


Robert McGovern


Mark Tucker


Paul was born in Seattle and really enjoys living and working here in the Pacific Northwest. He has worked at a variety of jobs, including as a painting contractor, a linguist in the U.S. Air Force, and teaching English in China. Paul splits his time between helping out on job sites as needed and doing work in our office with client services, marketing, and social media communications.


Paul thinks that TWC’s biggest strength is our honesty and genuine commitment to do a good job in all things. His favorite part of the job is the variety of projects that we work on and working together creatively with everyone to solve problems. He wants to be known as someone who does his best to help out in any way he can.


In his free time, Paul enjoys reading, strategy games, and spending time with friends and family.

Sam has been involved in the construction industry all his life, helping his dad Steve on summer jobs from the time he was 10 years old.


Sam attended Bishop Blanchet high school in Seattle and went on to play baseball at Central Washington University. After college, he began working full-time as a carpenter doing woodworking at TWC. Learning behind the scenes and gaining great experience on the job, Sam looks forward to advancing in the building industry and hopes to someday take over the family business.


Sam’s biggest contribution to the team is his flexibility, always ready and able to help out wherever he is needed. He believes our professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of work set apart from the rest. His favorite part of the job is sharing the excitement in clients’ eyes when they see the finished product. He wants to be known as an honest, respectful hard worker and an all-around good guy.


Outside of work, Sam enjoys outdoors activities like fishing, hunting, and sports, especially golf.

Robert has been working in the construction industry for 40 years and has lived and worked all over the U.S., as well as overseas. Born in Seattle, Robert started working construction when he was 15 for his grandpa’s business and has been doing it ever since. He has owned his own construction company with over 20 employees, supervised the construction of part of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, worked on new construction all over Southeast Asia, and has done a wide range of residential, commercial, and high-rise construction projects all across the spectrum.


Robert came to us at TWC on the recommendation of Mark Tucker, who he worked with on a number of jobs before joining us here. Robert thinks that the biggest strengths of TWC are our sense of community and family, our capability to work together as a team, and our ability to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. He brings to our team decades of unmatched experience, knowledge, and teaching skills in the construction industry. A natural craftsman, Robert constantly strives to be the best he can be and never stops competing against himself.


In his spare time, Robert enjoys classic cars, drag racing, kite surfing, and beer connoisseuring.

Born in Seattle to a family of craftspeople, Mark has lived in this region most of his life. He started working in construction as a laborer when he was 16. He wanted to become a carpenter after he saw his boss build a staircase that he really admired. From then on, Mark decided that he wanted to create high quality works like that.


Mark has been working at TWC for 12 years and was very impressed from the start with the respect and professionalism that Steve showed him initially. He feels like he works with a family, not for a company. Mark thinks that the best part of TWC is the fact that we never have a bad day. He always goes home satisfied and looking forward to the next day.


Mark’s favorite part of his job is the satisfaction of seeing the finished product as well as the visceral gratification he gets from being in the moment working on any given project. His biggest strength is his ability to step up and solve the tough problems that come up on jobs. He wants to be known as someone you can rely on.


In his free time, Mark enjoys riding and working on motorcycles, fishing, hunting, sign collecting, and spending time with his 2 sons, 4 dogs, 2 horses, cat, and 4 fish.