Lake Washington Laurelhurst

Case Study

Phase 1 – New Interior basement and nana wall as well as removal of chimney.

We demolished a massive, two-story 16’ wide massive chimney which when entering the home completely blocked any view of the lake. By eliminating the structure all the way down to the basement it opened up all kinds of possibilities for a grand guest basement level. We built all new bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a massive shower for guests and swimmers from the lake.

Added a 16’ wide Nana folding door so that you can walk right out onto the lawn and enjoy the lake.

Phase 2 – New privacy wall and vehicle gate, new windows, new roof, and all new landscape.

The client decided that it was time for just a bit of privacy. The original home was built with full-size Wilkenson sandstone, in squares and rectangles. We needed substantially more stone, but the problem was that the quarry that had supplied so many of these special sandstone homes over the years had closed due to being almost completely mined out. We tracked the mine owner down just prior to him leaving for an extended vacation to his childhood homeland of Ireland. We convinced him to reopen the mine long enough to allow us to mine enough of this incredible stone to complete a spectacular front privacy wall extending the width of the property as well as use many more tons for an very impressive landscaping remodel.

We also moved the front entry door and installed a 48” solid walnut pivot door that now immediately welcomes you to the spectacular views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier when arriving at the home.

While we were there we also replaced the 65 year-old Spanish tile roof and all the old original windows.