Mercer Island Retreat

Case Study

This wonderful owner called after reading a quote from Steve Williams in the local paper when he had won a local Seattle-area award. Asked why he builds custom homes, his reply was “the word ‘custom’ as defined by Webster is ‘designed or built by personal form.’” That’s exactly what the owner had in mind – a home designed to her personal vision.

In the initial interview she asked “If I could build anything, what would it be?” Steve’s reply was “a great lodge in a National Forest.” When she asked why, he explained that the structures within the National Forest are designed and built to meet a 200-year specification – they are self-sustaining within their own environment. This is something that he found very aesthetically appealing in building.

She said, “That’s what I want too! When can we start?” And what an amazing project that was. Once again, we were incredibly lucky to work for such an amazing woman to make such a lovely retreat.